Currently Offering Classes in Systema (Russian Martial Art)

Systema (Russian Martial Art) is an instinctive and natural combat style taught to the elite units of the Russian Special Forces. Along with its high level of combat effectiveness, Systema's natural movements are ideal for strengthening the body and overall health. For more information, visit the Russian Martial Art website.

Traditional Asian Martial Arts

With over 25 years in traditional Asian Martial Arts, Bill offers private lessons and seminars in such topics as striking, kicking, joint locking, trapping, footwork, and much more. He has also dedicated a YouTube channel to the topic.

Sports Mechanics

With years of high-level body mechanics, Bill also offers private lessons and seminars in body mechanics and footwork that are universal to all sports. These lessons not only make the person more athletic but also help teach natural movement that decreases the chance of injury.

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